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My CompUSA experiences

I purchased a Hard Disk from CompUSA (Store # 429, Princeton, NJ 609-243-3000) on 03/24/02. I was not able to get it to work in my system, so I called the store. While listening to the usual automated messages, one of the options said I would get 30 day support on any hardware that I buy, so I selected that option. What followed was "the worst" technical suport call that I have ever made:

Disclaimer: The following is what I remember after about 38 hours of the conversation and is true to the best of my knowledge. If something is missed, it is not intentional.

TechRep: Thanks for calling CompUSA. My name is <I don't remember his name>. Have you purchased any hardware from CompUSA within the last 30 days ?
Me: Yes, I have.

TechRep: How can I help you ?
Me: I purchased a hard disk today morning and am not able to get set it up in my computer.

TechRep: Whats the problem.
Me: The BIOS is not able to recgonize the hard disk. I entered the system BIOS and selected "Auto detect hard disks" and the BIOS detection program hangs at the point where it should detect the Secondary Master hard disk.

TechRep: What operating system are you using ?
Me: <puzzled> Windows 98 and Redhat Linux 7.2

TechRep: I am sorry sir, but we do not provide any assistance with dual boot systems.
Me: The operating system has nothing to do with the BIOS not recognizing the hard disk.

TechRep: I won't be able to help you any further since do not provide support for dual boot systems, espicially Linux
Me: <WTF ???> I disconnected all my existing hard disks and CD ROM drives except the new one and I am still not able to set it up.

TechRep: <Again repeats the same BS>
Me: <All depeleted of patience> OK, good bye. I will call later.

I had to leave soon, so I could not continue this any further.