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Astrology, for that matter also Numerology are said to be unique collections of knowledge of augury of our seers, sages, hermits and learned people who explored it since thousands of years or times immemorial. The matchless decency of this classical discipline of knowledge lies in the fact that it answers the questions such as related to destiny, business, religion, happenings, actions, diseases, marriage, meeting, enmity, income, travels, love, expenditure, mutual relations, behavior, dispute etc. even at present day. The knowledge of Astrology especially Indian Astrology has gone abroad and has acquired a global status, serving millions and millions.

God is perfect and hence perfection, truth and true predictions reside with Almighty God. But here we have tried our best to give the most accurate horoscope readings. It needs to be noted that is one of the world's first site to offer instant online horoscopes based on Indian Astrology. And it is also one of the busiest and most popular website / portal on Ancient Indian Astrology.

About Guruji Shree Ashwini Kumar Sharma
Author: Online Horoscopes & Predictions

A highly educated, learned post graduate, distinction holder from the Delhi University who has been serving as visiting and assignment lecturer in the Delhi University for the subject of education and also has taught post graduate classes of education of the Himachal Pradesh University, Jiwaji University.

Having consolidated profound experience of Indian astrology serving the folks with this discipline for the last 29 years stands comfortably behind this programme to which he has been sticking and accepting it as a rewarding hobby.

Guruji has also to his credit an enviable task of raising illustrative material for the astrological magazine "Jeevan Sukh" which brought high laurels and applauds from the people. With this programme on Internet, we advert for millions and millions of people across the globe to access and benefit from his knowledge in their day-to-day problems, which otherwise remain unsolved. is the first initiative of (with many more to follow):

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Astrogyan Easy Start Paid Horoscope of:
Ajay Gautam
Male, born on Sunday, 1974-12-29 21:30:00 at New Delhi, India
Latitude: 028:36:N / Longitude: 077:12:E, Chart Format: Flash North
Current Time:2004-10-14 13:51:56 GMT

Astrogyan Easy Start Paid Horoscope of: [ id: ritka10 ]
Ritka Malhotra
Female, born on Tuesday, 1975-06-10 15:30:00 at Jalandhar, India
Latitude: 031:19:N / Longitude: 075:34:E, Chart Format: Flash North
Current Time:2004-10-14 13:49:46 GMT

Ritka Malhotra
PlanetLongitude (Sign & Degree)Rasi Lord
LagnaTula05 22' 55"Shukra
SuryaVrishab25 24' 05"Shukra
ChandraMithun03 24' 51"Budh
MangalMeena21 26' 12"Guru
BudhVrishab25 55' 17"Shukra
GuruMeena24 55' 51"Guru
ShukraKarka10 31' 37"Chandra
SaniMithun24 32' 32"Budh
RahuVritchika07 24' 05"Mangal
KetuVrishab07 24' 05"Shukra
Ajay Gautam
PlanetLongitude (Sign & Degree)Rasi Lord
LagnaSimha05 47' 12"Surya
SuryaDhanus14 02' 41"Guru
ChandraMithun20 58' 38"Budh
MangalVritchika19 46' 35"Mangal
BudhDhanus19 44' 41"Guru
GuruKumbh19 25' 01"Sani
ShukraDhanus26 56' 27"Guru
SaniMithun22 33' 08"Budh
RahuVritchika16 36' 03"Mangal
KetuVrishab16 36' 03"Shukra

Lagna Chart [Birth Chart]
Lagna Chart [Birth Chart] of Ajay Gautam by

Lagna Chart [Birth Chart]
Lagna Chart [Birth Chart] of Ritka Malhotra by

Ashtkoot Matching Chart
KootAjay Gautam
Punarvasu ~ 1
Ritka Malhotra
Mrigasira ~ 4
DoshaArea of Life
GanaDevaDeva66-Guna Level

Ashtkoot Analysis:
  • The Moon Sign of Ajay Gautam is Mithun and that of Ritka Malhotra is Mithun. The Moon Sign Nakshatra of Ajay Gautam is Punarvasu (1) and that of Ritka Malhotra is Mrigasira (4). Since the matching marks is over 28 [87%], the Ashtkoot Match between the two is rare, excellent and very very good.

Mangala Dosha (Manglik Effect):
  • As per Lagna (75%) and Shukra (10%), Mangala Dosha is present in the birth chart of Ajay Gautam and this Mangala Dosha is Effective: 85%. Since Ajay Gautam is affected by Mangala Dosha as per more than one planet as above, it is also known as Double Manglik Effect... It is generally followed that such person must marry another spouse having the same Mangalik Effect.
  • Ritka Malhotra is not affected by Mangala Dosha

Mangala Dosha in the horoscope of Ajay Gautam may be cancelled:

  • Since Sani is present in the same house in the horoscope of Ritka Malhotra.
  • Since Rahu is present in the same house in the horoscope of Ritka Malhotra.
  • Since Guru is placed in Meena Rashi in the horoscope of Ritka Malhotra.
  • Since Chandra is placed in Mithun in both the horoscope of Ajay Gautam and Ritka Malhotra.
  • Since the Gana Deva is same in both the horoscope of Ajay Gautam and Ritka Malhotra.
  • Since the Total Matching Points 31.5 is greater than 30 in the match with Ritka Malhotra.
  • Since Age of Ritka Malhotra is more than 28 years.

Mangala Dosha Compatibility Analysis:

  • In this match, Ajay Gautam alone is Manglik with 85% Manglik Effect as per the Horoscope, this also stands cancelled due to the reasons as above.

Couple Compatibility Analysis:
  • Since the Lord (Sani) of Seventh House (Kumbh) of Male is placed in the same Rashi (Mithun) as that of Chandra which is also in Mithun Rashi, it is very much likely that the married life is going to be very successful and full of pleasures.
  • Since in the Chandra Rashi of both Male (Mithun) and Female (Mithun) is same and the Nakshatra of Male (Punarvasu) is different from that of Female (Mrigasira), it is considered to be a very good match as per the calculations of Indian Astrology.
  • Since in the Nakshatra of Male (Punarvasu) is second next from that of Female (Mrigasira), it is considered to be a sign of rising destiny in the future of the couples.

Varna Points Significance:
  • Outer appearance.
  • Classical (Implicit) Power.
  • Dominance of nature with regards to temperament and general health of the spouses.
  • Work and Spiritual Development.
  • Note: This aspect is particularly important for Kshatriyas the warriors or fighting class which is engaged in escorting the society in particular and the nation at large.

Varna Points & Effect Analysis:

  • There are likely chances of balance between the pairs but female will dominate in all fields.

Vashya Points Significance:

  • Dominance of Love or Attraction with peace and harmony intensity of mutual love between Male & Female.
  • Abilities of understanding of Love mutually through physical attraction (Includes personality).
  • Note: This (Vashya Point) is important for everyone.

Vashya Points & Effect Analysis:

  • Intensity of mutual love between male and female will be maximum it is likely. Peace and harmony will likely to continue life long. This is considered to be the best possible match.

Tara Points Significance:

  • Tara represents destiny i.e. by and large prosperity, Happiness and Growth, collectively called fortune of the couple.
  • Note: Tara Points is important for everyone.

Tara Points & Effect Analysis:

  • Destiny of both Male and Female spouses seems to be average is respect of prosperity, happiness and growth.

Yoni Points Significance:

  • Yoni represents mentality and interaction between the spouses (i.e. proposed couple). This describes the basic compatibility while living together.
  • Note: This aspect or trait is particularly important for Shoodras (Shudras), i.e. the labour or servant class in the society. As per our mythology of occult science Yoni is considered to be equivalent to species given to organism as a result of deeds in the previous births. Yoni aspect reflects the nature proneness to trifles and violent actions of persons.

Yoni Points & Effect Analysis:

  • There may remain ever tension or spouses may be inclined to more tensions and quarrels in the family and the couple is likely to be more often perturbed.

Gana Points Significance:

  • Gana represents the quality of adaptability to the circumstances, the temperament, actions, tastes, likings, talents etc. of the spouses in question.
  • Note: The aspect of Gana is specially relevant in 'Vaishyas', the business and trade community.

Gana Points & Effect Analysis:

  • Both female and the male have quality of adaptability to the circumstances, the temperament, actions, tastes and likings. They may not like to compromise on the means to achieve their goals, they are more traditional in approach. Their belief in God is not for worldly achievements. But it is a part of their nature. Hence as per the Indian astrology they may prove best suited match as far as this trait of compatibility, is concerned.

Graha Points Significance:

  • Rashi Swami represents friendship between couple, their mental capabilities, integrity and understanding each other.
  • Note: This aspect is important for everyone irrespective of caste or creed etc.

Graha Points & Effect Analysis:

  • The Rashi Lord of the male is the Mercury. The Rashi Lord of the female is Mercury. Lords of both are one. There is likely possibilities of the achievement of the best in mental capabilities, integrity and understanding between the proposed spouses.

Bhakoot Points Significance:

  • Bhakoot is related to Rashi or Moon signs or Lunar signs. In our Astrology the Moon is related to or has a direct relationship with mind, i.e. Mental soundness. There goes a line in Sanskrit Chandrama Manso Jatah meaning thereby The Moon was born from mind.
  • So Bhakoot represents the following qualities or Traits.
  • Mental Soundness, Life of Children, Economic Conditions or Status, Marital Bond or Attachments.

Bhakoot Points & Effect Analysis:

  • There exists no Bhakoot Doshas so this is an advisable match as per the compatibility of Astrology, this may give good quality of adaptability to the circumstances, the temperament, actions, tastes and likings.

Nadi Points Significance:

  • Nadi represents health, longevity and fertility. In other words it is related is ailments of the couple, age and fertility of bearing the issues. Nadis are three Aadya, Madhya and Antya. Nadi represent genetic setup in the knowledge of Astrology. Two identical 'Nadis' of Male and Female spouses are not acceptable in Astrology. This gives birth to the idea that cross matching or breeding is healthier sign for generation. Now modern science has also explored and found the fact as true. It is widely known fact now that cross-breeds (hybrids) give best or at least better results. Indian Astrology had been aware of this fact has divided the genetic setup in three differentiating the basic genetic set up.

Nadi Points & Effect Analysis:

  • Nadis differ. So may effect the qualities of health longevity and fertility in positive. Children may be healthy and intelligent.

Final Result:
  • Since one/both the spouse is/are affected by the Mangli Dosha (in different percentage), it is thus suggested that such a marriage be considered after careful advice of an expert astrologer.

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