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Personal Statement

Thanks to my parents, I developed a love of learning early on in my life. Ever since I passed out of college, I wanted to go back to study further, learn the possibilities and intellectually challenge my mind. Ever since I saw that computer at my mother's work place, I developed a fascination with computers. My passion of machinery in general, and computers in particular, led me to software development, which I later, took on as a career, and am enjoying every minute of it. My basic computer education comes from undergraduate study at the University of Delhi, India.

During the last 7 years in the software industry, I have taught myself various new languages and concepts to further my knowledge about computer software. I find intellectually challenging subjects, such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotics very intriguing, and would like to study in depth about them. Ideally, I would have gone into research, but the realities of life have pushed me towards a career in commercial software development. I believe, the MS program will provide me the mental simulation, I have long being searching for.

I am also actively involved in the Linux community through various groups and mailing lists, thereby trying to give back to the computing community, help new people get onto Linux and help spread hope amongst computer users. I highly believe in the values of Open Source Software and try to contribute, whenever I can.

I consider myself to be a hard working, outgoing individual. I believe in, and lead an active life. In my spare time I enjoy a wide range of entertainment and sporting activities, such as: jigsaw puzzles, tennis, racket ball, soccer, bowling, swimming, lego, chess etc... to name a few. These sporting activities help me to rejuvenate my mind and body. I enjoy my spare time and utilize it to recharge myself for the challenges to come.

I am confident that the graduate program at Rutgers will further my education, thereby opening new, and hopefully better, career opportunities, while quenching my thirst for learning at the same time. I look forward to joining Rutgers University, to pursue my education.


Ajay Gautam

Student ID#: 034-00-0535