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Len: I think you are restricting yourself. There are other paths just as valid as . You could sell bagels or weenies on the corner on those carts. You could talk to businessmen as they wolfed down the delicasies that you serve up everyday and learn what they know - in between bites of their hot dogs. That'd probably be much more fun and educational than MBA classes. A painful wart on your foot would be more enjoyable than MBA classes.
There is also that woman who always sat at the corner of Church and Wall streets, just behind the bagel cart and beside the paper seller. She just asked for change all day. I saw here one evening coming out of an apartment right across the street from 55 Water with clean clothes and wet hair as if she had just taken a bath. I guess begging for money is a dirty task. If she could aford to live down there, she must be raking in some serious bucks.
Think out of the box. Stray from between the lines. Don't limit youself. Your life is limitless - you can do anything.
Yikes, I'm so full of it sometimes. Occasionally I just get lost and can't straighten myself out.

Len (reply to (XML in a nutshell): I have the book "Pecans in a Nutshell" but I don't suppose you'd be interested in that.
I also have - for those of you with time on your hands - the following literary selections. Just let me know if you'd like me to send them to you.
Haiku - Its Easy 'Cause It Don't have to Rhyme.
Japanese Kanji Text in a Nutshell
The Lords Prayer on the Head of a Pin.
Who Moved My F'ing Cheese
Why Does It Hurt When I Pee
The Single Worst Habit of Very Stupid People
How to be CEO of a Company without Really Trying.
Little Women
Baby Snakes
Little Men
Pass Around Charlotte
Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute
Aardvarks and their Offspring
Poetry by Sara Teasdale
The Unabridged Works of Friedrich Nietzsche
Edgar Allen Poe, The Humorous Side of

As you can see, I've been doing a lot of reading during my time between jobs and after the haiku fest earlier in the group.
"My head grows heavy and my sight grows dim. I have to stop for thenight."

Len: Wow, I'm really diggin' the sarcasm. Where was all this while we were at work.
Shortly before my layoff, I had this idea to order toilet paper where each sheet was printed with a Stock option. They weren't too expensive and it would of been so funny. Imagine it we stocked the bathrooms with this. If I would have know about the sarcastic lilt that I've heard so much of recently, we could have banded together and done it. They would of made great souvineers of Metiom and just about as worthless.

Len: He would of probably just decided to fire me. My desk would have used up all his f'ing orange dots in one night. I just can't keep my desk clean.
"A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind"
I heard that somewhere or maybe made it up to serve my own clutter purposes.
"Orange Dots are the sign of a really f'ed up person."
I just made that one up. No time for shaping it into a haiku.

Len: Sure, don't mention it. I'm always up to help the socially retarded or those less fortunate than myself. I can't supress my heart of gold. Sometimes it gets me into whacky situations but I enjoy the good warm feeling from helping others.