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Mercer County College

From: "Joe Blasenstein" 
To: "AJAY Gautam" 
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 10:21:21 +0000
Subject: Re: Info on avaition courses

Dear Sir:

We have a professional pilot program here at the colege. On
Wednesday night April 18, at the student center on campus, I willbe
available to answer questions. Please phone me at 609 586 4800 x 3487
if you would prefer talking to me at your convenience. I am normally
in my office from 10 to 1130 each morning.

Joe Blasenstein


If u really interested in what goes in a modern jet glass cockpit go to the link i have pasted below , i have used this 747 sim extensively , forget sceneries and all other fancy features fs2000 has to offer , talk real time - fs2000 does not even come close to this one by miles How are the flight dynamics specially on the jets in fs2002 , I am not interested in the props ,they did not do a good job of 737 and 777 in flight behaviour , specially in descent

I think 2 payware planes are really good they are Wilco Publishings 767 PIC and Dreamfleets 737-400.In the 767 the panel is simply great u don't fell like changing ur view at all.The FMC is better than any other around for fs2000 atleast for now.The dynamics are good (even during descent) This panel is for guys serious abt flying.U better know ur systems before flying this one to really enjoy.The FMC is so complex as well u can add ur own custom waypoints as in the real aircraft.If ur a serious enthusiast this is for you. Now for the 737-400,The panel is again amazing.but a small drawback,the panel is way in the front making it slightly difficult to read the N1's and the EPR's.The overhead panel is the best in this aircraft and covers all systems including Cabin pressurisation.The FMC is good (not excellent because the VNAV has a world of its own).The aircrft from the outside is very very detailed but cuts down on frame rates.

Review of FS2002:
I've got FS2002 and its amazing I think U should go for it.