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Fencing academies

Westfield Fencing
150-152 E. Broad St.
Westfield, NJ  07090


The only advice can be given to the beginners - just exercises. Over and over again, untill you`ll feel your weapon like it`s your hand


  1. Underarm protectors: Get a good one. I've seen people be sidelined for a month with a single foil hit to the nerve network in their armpit.
  2. Warm ups & stretching: Always do so. Torn muscles will put you on the bench.
  3. Breast protectors: Any female fencer should wear these. I've heard they are uncomfortable but they sure beat a puncture wound.
  4. Get a mask with a good bib (the part that protects your throat.) The reason for this is obvious.
  5. Test your mask every few months with the punch test.
  6. The last blade I bought had a process called "marginning," which is designed to increase the chances of breaking to a flat point should the blade snap. Your fellow fencers will appreciate this. (Blades don't break often, but it does happen.)
  7. If you do fence with sabres, be sure to have an elbow protector and a glove with good protection for the back of the hand. A woman at UMA once needed a tendon re-attached.

Basic equipment

Equipment listed in order of importance