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Office of Administrations

Rensselaier at Hartford

275 Windsor Street

Hartford, CT 06120


Subject :- Graduate Admissions/Computer Science Program Mr. Sreepad Kanchanavally


To Whom it may Concern.


I am the Director of the Sun Integration Services IT Department at USCO Logistics. I currently have a staff of 21 which report to me for all IT support for SUN MicroSystems supply chain logistics.


Sreepad has been on my staff for about 8 months. In this short period of time, Sreepad has shown his ability to quickly learn and apply new technology He has a background that includes experience in Java Based environment. I find him to be very self-directed and capable of detailed design theories. He has been a great asset to our department.


Mr. Kanchanavally has shown an eagerness to learn and can be relied upon to effectively support the USCO direction to a J2EE environment. He has become one of my lead developers in this project. I fully support his desire to pursue a graduate degree in Computer Science and assure you that both USCO and Mr. Kanchanavally will benefit from this education.


If there is anything else you might need from me, please feel free to either phone (203-597-5354) or email me at


Respectfully yours,


Sandy Novak.

Director, SUN Integration Services.

USCO Logistics.