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Logitech Digital Camera

Camera specs:

Hardware engg at SmalTechnologies
Lane Gearle Brooks <>

From the gphoto devel list archive:

> Anyway, enough background. I am wanting to write a
gphoto2 driver for
> our camera. We have development commitments to our
manufacturers for
> Windows and Mac drivers and GUIs, but I am going on
vacation next week
> and thought I would take this time to develop a Unix
driver for
> gphoto2. I noticed that web page says to email this
list for
> information on where to begin with driver
development, so I am
> following those instructions. Any helpful advice
would be
> appreciated.

Look at the existing drivers (like the
gphoto2/camlibs/directory, this
is a simple one). Copy that over to a new directory
and fill in the
code. At least, that is how I wrote the konica driver.